Is this Battlefield 4 Easter egg the most complex ever?

Battlefield 4 Easter egg diagram

An Easter egg, in videogame terms, is a fun little something stashed away inside a game that can only be found through persistence, luck, or most often, a combination of both. Remember John Romero's head, or Gordon Freeman in the Australian outback? Both Easter eggs. Some are harder to find than others, but I'm not aware of any that are even remotely as complex as this Battlefield 4 secret documented by YouTuber Jackfrags.

I'll leave the specifics to the video, but just think about this: One of the first steps in the process of unraveling the mystery is decoding a Morse code message—in Belarusian. That leads to a hidden message from Julian Manolov of DICE LA, also known as JJJU, the brain behind some of BF4's other elaborate Easter eggs. And that's actually the easy bit: From there you'll embark on button hunts, a tedious logic puzzle, more Morse code, a move to entirely different map, a spot of audio engineering, Battlefield Friends, some code-breaking, and even more freaking Morse code, all on the way to a payoff that is, I have to admit, awfully cool. Possibly even worth the effort, if you're enough of a Battlefield fan to put yourself through this particular wringer.

And put yourself through it you must, if you want to reap the rewards. Unlike Easter eggs you can simply run to and grab once someone tells you where they are, this Battlefield 4 treat is hidden under multiple layers of randomization that culminate in a unique, single-use code. The video is a huge help—some of those buttons are viciously well-hidden—but there's simply no getting around the work that needs to be done. So... are you going to do it?

Andy Chalk

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