A Game of Thrones: Genesis screenshots have sieges and stabby seating

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In the very moment the new George R. R. Martin book lands heavily in the PC Gamer office, RPS spot a burst of new screenshots for the upcoming Game of Thrones game from Cyanide. As much as fans of the books and recent TV show might hope for a Joffrey-slapping sim, Game of Thrones: Genesis is in fact an RTS set in the Kingdom of Westeros long before the events of the books. Cyanide say players will "take part in Westeros' founding events and largest battles such as Aegon the Conqueror's invasion on the continent or the War of the Usurper." It's set to be released later this year. For more on the game, check out our Game of Thrones: Genesis preview. The four new screenshots are arranged below.

A Game of Thrones: Genesis will be a PC exclusive set centuries before the books

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Game designer at Cyanide Entertainment, Regis Robin, has been speaking to PC Gamer about the upcoming RTS based on A Game of Thrones. Genesis will be set many centuries before the events of the acclaimed fantasy novels and HBO TV series. It's also set to be a PC exclusive - just the way we like it.

Ogres and Elves line up for Blood Bowl

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Two new races are confirmed for Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, the updated version of the fantasy american football game by Cyanide, based on the game designed by Games Workshop. The first, the Elves, are like Wood Elves who aren't too fussed about wood. The second race, the Ogres, are presumably less interested in the ball and more interested in murder.

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is pencilled in for a release at the end of this year. It'll include twelve new races - that's more than the original game came with - and lots of rule tweaking. We'll have more info closer to release.