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City of Heroes successor City of Titans leaps onto Kickstarter

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The Phoenix Project has landed in the streets of Kickstarter, hoping to bring four-color heroics and villainy in the spirit of City of Heroes back to the MMO space. The team at Missing Worlds Media is asking for $320,000 to make City of Titans, almost $190,000 of which they have already raised as of this writing.

City of Heroes: Freedom review

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Surprised that City of Heroes went free-to-play? Of course not. Make a list of all the RPGs that could easily get away with gouging their audiences into oblivion, and an ageing but popular one that’s already built on genuine character customisation is always going to come top. Can’t you just see the accountants now, dancing naked through their editors with a pricing-gun, before retreating to their dark lair to watch the money come tumbling in from all those fire swords and boob-windowed leotards and whatnot?

Yes. The thing is... that’s not what they’ve done. Far from it. City of Heroes: Freedom is one of the most generous free-to-play games ever. Bad news for crime. Great news for us.

City of Heroes subscribers get early access to Freedom update

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City of Heroes is going free to play later this year with the launch of the massive Freedom update. Now NCSoft and Paragon Studios have announced that they will be giving current subscribers early access, starting today.

Current players have access to the new in-game store and the new First Ward area. The head start program will also feature a number of events, with the developers promising costume competitions and a live alien invasion by the forces of Hamidon and Praetoria.

The full update will go live later this year, marking City of Heroes' transition to a free to play game.

City of Heroes Dev Diary: Rogues gallery

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In the last installment of the City of Heroes dev diary, we got a look at the massive monsters of the First Ward zone, which demand a entire super-team of players to take down. But what about the mobs you'll face throughout the area on your own? Here's Gilbert Martinez, CoH's art lead, with the inside scoop on the new villain groups of the First Ward, complete with mutated psychic-tumor women and freaky, masked carnies.

Giveaway: Venture back to the 1800s with the City of Heroes Steampunk Pack!

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The future is so passé. Nowadays, all the cool kids go retro, decked out in inventor's goggles with dashing wardrobes, and sporting catchphrases like "Ratherrr!" and "I say, old bean!"

City of Heroes (and City of Villains, for that matter) won't let trippy anime or Rise of Legends have all the steampunk fun—they've unleashed the Steampunk Pack on the world of superpowered individuals, complete with snappy new costumes, powers, auras, and emotes. Want to see the glory of low-tech fashion for free? Read on to see how you can win the pack and join your fellow Victorian-era allies!