Giveaway: Venture back to the 1800s with the City of Heroes Steampunk Pack!


The future is so passé. Nowadays, all the cool kids go retro, decked out in inventor's goggles with dashing wardrobes, and sporting catchphrases like "Ratherrr!" and "I say, old bean!"

City of Heroes (and City of Villains, for that matter) won't let trippy anime or Rise of Legends have all the steampunk fun—they've unleashed the Steampunk Pack on the world of superpowered individuals, complete with snappy new costumes, powers, auras, and emotes. Want to see the glory of low-tech fashion for free? Read on to see how you can win the pack and join your fellow Victorian-era allies!

To enter, simply email with the subject line “I'm a dapper dandy, old chap!” We'll randomly choose 15 lucky winners on this Friday, June 3rd. Now, be warned: you'll need an existing City of Heroes and City of Villains account to make use of this pack, so only enter if you already play CoH games—otherwise, you could end up winning a code you can't even use! Good luck, and remember: modern-day conveniences are for sissies. I'll take a Victorian Bike over a car any day.

UPDATE: Winners have been selected and the codes have been mailed out. Thanks to everyone who entered!