RUSE to receive demo. Or is it????questionmark.


Yes it is! Did you see what I did there? I did a ruse! Anyway, you can expect plenty more where that came from when the delightfully deceitful real-time strategy game launches on September 7th. Meanwhile, to give you a taste of the action, and an excuse to practice your trickery, Ubisoft are releasing a demo on Steam tomorrow.

In RUSE, The battlefield is split into a number of different sections. Ruses are powers that can be used to affect these areas in various sneaky ways, letting you do things like hide units and bases built in that area, or speed up production and movement speed. You can also send an army of ghostly tanks to attack the enemy, then when your foe scrambles to defend you can send your real army to bomb their base, and then settle back into your highback leather throne, laughing over your steepled fingers at their misfortune. That's what I do, anyway.

For those worried about Ubisoft's DRM, fear not. Thanks to its Steam release, RUSE will not require you to be connected to the net to play.


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