Reprisal trailer shows charming pixel terraforming and destruction

Phil Savage


It's all well and good for Kickstarter to become the new home of the god game, but if you're a fan of the genre, you're probably not relishing the long wait for games like Maia or 22 Cans' Project GODUS . Luckily, there's a retro tribute you can play right now.

This trailer for Reprisal shows off the world terraforming, elemental spellcasting and tribal commanding of the adorable pixelated homage to Peter Molyneux's genre defining Populous.

Your job is to create land for your tribe to expand into, before leading them on a march to capture power-granting totems and kill any pesky heretics challenging your supreme rule. It looks and sounds lovely, and there's enough depth to keep wannabe deities satisfied.

You can play the free game on its website , but if you want to really stretch your god-like powers, there's an expanded downloadable version available from Desura .

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