Razer launches Battlefield 3 range

razer battlefield

Gaming peripherals manufacturer Razer has unveiled a new range of kit branded with logos and artwork from EA's forthcoming Battlefield 3.

I say new, but the 'Collector's Edition Peripherals' are actually the existing BlackWidow keyboard, Imperator mouse, Onza controller and Scarab mousemat with new paint jobs themed around the shooter. Specs and performance will be the same as the (impressive) kit that's already out there.

In terms of prices, the keyboard will RRP for $139.99/€139.99, the mouse will be $79.99/€79.99, the mousemat $39.99/€39.99 and the Onza controller £59.99/€59.99. Not cheap, but only around $10/€10 more expensive than the stock black versions.

While there's a temptation to sneer at a ten euro decal, someone must be buying these game branded peripherals. This is the seventh licensing deal Razer's done, with StarCraft II, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Transformers 2 already under its belt.

Personally, my favourite is the branded laptop bag which is also part of the range. But I'm a sucker for a good shoulder slung holdall, even if it is $79.99/€79.99.

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