PC Gamer US issue #236: Neverwinter, plus an exclusive in-game item

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The next issue of PC Gamer US features an exclusive hands-on with Neverwinter, modern successor to BioWare's classic RPG. We visited Cryptic Studios to get direct impressions on the ambitious free-to-play return of one of our favorite PC games.

Subscribers should be receiving the issue soon. Our Neverwinter issue will be available digitally and on newsstands on January 8. Visit Apple Newsstand , Zinio , Google Play and other digital stores to subscribe or purchase the issue standalone.

Also inside:

    • Our Game of the Year award winners
    • An inordinate number of reviews: PlanetSide 2, Natural Selection 2, Far Cry 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    • Hands-on with Company of Heroes 2
    • A massive feature on Metro: Last Light
    • Reviews of three excellent GPUs under $250
    • A review of the Razer Blade
    • Top 10 Downloads: go Back to School in Left 4 Dead 2, overload your GPU with huge Crysis 2 textures, and try GameMaker's best
    • Revisiting Hitman: Blood Money

The free, exclusive item

All (digital, newsstand, and subscriber) copies of the issue include a key to randomly receive one of two exclusive Neverwinter horse mounts. Check page 98 for redemption instructions.

The Black Horse Mount — Feisty. Rugged. Mysterious. The medieval equivalent of a muscle car. It hates demons, but loves oats.
The White Horse Mount — Noble. Reliable. Slightly fussy. The high school quarterback of horses, and a sure friend against Neverwinter's enemies.

Subscriber covers

Subscribers should see one of the above four special editions of our Neverwinter issue materializing in their mailbox soon.

Newsstand covers

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