MechWarrior Online shows off its Pretty Baby

Phil Savage


In a blatant bit of ironic naming, MechWarrior Online has added a new robot combatant: the Pretty Baby. It's 80-tons of metal and laser cannon, putting it firmly in MWO's heaviest class. Although I'll admit, the paint job is quite fetching.

The trailer's description contains the mech-specs. Try not to imagine a used car salesman in a ten gallon hat when you read them:

"Announcing Pretty Baby. Clocking in at 80 tons, this beast sports a 340 XL engine with a torso twist of 100 degrees on each side. Pretty Baby is a double threat on the battlefield with top speeds at 68 mph and 19 double heat sinks. Can you handle this monster?"

Piranha Games have also revealed their MWO development plans going forward. Rather than small weekly updates, they'll be releasing more substantial patches twice a month. Future updates promise a new map, Alpine Peaks, in April, as well as UI changes and performance tweaks.

I nearly linked the relevant TV Tropes article in the opening sentence, but that would have been mean. I'll stick it down here instead.

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