Mass Effect 2 DLC The Arrival confirmed, out in 11 days

Mass Effect 2 The Arrival arrives

We've suspected for a while now that there would be a final slice of DLC for Mass Effect 2, Bioware have confirmed that it's real, and it's just around the corner. It will be called The Arrival, and it will send Shepard to the very edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover spy. The operative has intelligence that the Reaper invasion is about to finally begin, suggesting that the DLC will bridge the gap between the end of Mass Effect 2, and the beginning of Mass Effect 3, in which the Reaper forces are already attacking Earth.

It's coming out on March 29, and will be available to buy for 560 Microsoft points from the Bioware store . Bioware have released five screens of the DLC on their Facebook page. You'll find the images below.


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