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Mass Effect 2 DLC revealed in Dragon Age 2 packaging

Shooting cut-scenes is cheating, but at least you're guaranteed good camera angles

An unboxing video for Dragon Age 2 has revealed a leaflet For the rumoured slice of Mass Effect 2 DLC, The Arrival. Below the title on the leaflet there's a message in French. You won't need to speak French to figure out what it means: "L'invasion a commencer."

The message adds weight to the theory that the new Mass Effect 2 DLC will bridge the gap between the end of the second game, and the beginning of Mass Effect 3, when the Reapers are invading Earth. The existence of the Arrival was accidentally uncovered as part of a recent Playstation 3 update . There's been no official announcement from EA or Bioware confirming or denying the new DLC just yet.

[via CVG ]

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