Mafia 3 trailer is a virtual tour of New Bordeaux

City is inspired by the best bits of New Orleans.

Mafia 3 takes place in New Bordeaux, a fictional take on legendary New Orleans. There are clear benefits to creating fictional cities over real ones – real cities weren't designed for high speed car chases and shoot outs, after all – but it looks like 2K Czech has been careful to include all the bits of New Orleans you'd definitely want to explore in a game.

There are nine districts in New Bordeaux, and according to the studio spokespeople in the below video, they're all very different. There's the famous French Quarter – dotted with whiskey bars and jazz venues – as well as the wharf and docking districts, a large swamp area and The Hollow, which is the "very poor" area of the city.

The Mafia 3 release date is October 7. Dave Houghton went hands-on with the game, and came away impressed. "Mafia III’s version of New-Orleans is evoked with both gloss and grit, a lazy, hazy, summertime heat permeating its streets just as bullets and foul-mouthed slurs fill the air," he wrote.


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