International Jetpack Conference is a free game made in ZZT

International Jetpack Conference

International Jetpack Conference is a good name for a game. And that's not even the limit of what this surreal free adventure has to offer. It's the bizarre story of a freelance journalist at a jetpack conference – made in ZZT, the DOS-based ANSI game-making system.

To an extent, the conversation-driven nature of the game fits awkwardly in its engine. Talking to characters is a process that involves repeatedly walking into them. There are other actions, too, and each is equally ill-fitting. Really, though, that's part of the charm. The aesthetic taps into something nostalgic that's enjoyably subverted by the weirdness of the story.

Most importantly, it's a funny little parable about self-discovery and militarisation. And, despite its DOS roots, has been auto-packaged with DOSBox to make it easy to run and play.

You can download International Jetpack Conference here.

Thanks, Tom!


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