World of Warplanes

Genre(s): Sim, Shooter
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Age Rating: ESRB | are hoping to follow up on the huge success of World of Tanks with this free to play airborne dogfighting sim. Like World of Tanks, battles are waged between two evenly matched teams. If a plane is downed, it's out of the fight, and the player must wait until their craft has been repaired before using it again.

There are multiple classes, including light aircraft that specialise in dogfighting, medium craft that can shred other planes from long range with powerful cannons, and bombers, who must roam the battlefield blowing up enemy ground targets. like to use long beta periods to fine tune their free to play projects, so these battlefield roles are subject to change.

The payment model will closely reflect WoT, though. New planes and upgrades can be bought using slowly accrued in-game currency, or with a swift real-money purchase. In-game currency earned in World of Warplanes, World of Tanks and World of Battleships will be interchangeable, which means you can shoot a plane down in WoW and use that in-game cash to buy a new gun in WoT.

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With lovely graphics and great matchmaking stability, World of Warplanes remains entertaining even as its simplicity wears thin.

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