World of Warplanes adds PvE bots, improved ground targets and a new map

The trouble with breaking into a game like World of Warplanes is that most of the people you run up against have been playing for months or years already, and are going to use that experience to smack you around mercilessly—and it's hard to get a feel for your fighter if you're being blown out of the sky every 45 seconds. That's a shortcoming the new 1.5 patch goes a long way toward addressing with the introduction of a new PvE mode creatively entitled "Battle Against Bots."

The new game mode, which will "follow its own unique rules and settings," lets players to team up and take on a fleet of AI-controlled enemies. "This new mode will be a perfect tool for both newcomers looking to explore the game and learn the mechanics," developer explained, "as well as hardened veterans, who'll be able to discover World of Warplanes from a whole new perspective."

The update also adds "complex ground targets," which breaks down large individual targets into smaller components that will have to be destroyed independently, and there's a new map, "Canyon," described as "a mix between the flat 'Asian Border' and the high-rising 'Fjords'." The existing "National Park" map has also undergone a major overhaul, changing its geography, spawn points and other factors.

Other additions include 50 new achievements, matchmaker improvements, a new "Dynamic Observer" mode, two new Premium planes and a bunch of other good stuff. One other important point: After the patch is installed, the WG Stream Mod that allows players to stream their battles to Twitch will also need to be updated. has the details.

Andy Chalk

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