Frictional's SOMA gets a second freaky teaser trailer

Phil Savage


Here's a second video for Amnesia dev Frictional's next project, which might well be a game called SOMA . Then again, it might not be, with the studio not yet having confirmed what this series of hints are leading to. What we do know, from years of pop culture, is that taunting robots is almost always a terrible idea. Maybe this five minutes live action teaser will be the exception to that rule.

Not so much, then.

Ethically unsound and psychologically damaging experiments with technology would appear to be the order of the day. Knowing Frictional, everything will be kept within the bounds of sanity, and sense and safety will hold steady. No wait, not that, the other thing.

You can poke around the SOMA website here , not that it will clarify things any.

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