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This article originally appeared in PCG UK 247.

Whether you're desperately plugging a weakness in the team or trying to spot the next Cesc Fabregas while he's young, finding a good bargain is one of the great joys of Football Manager. That's why we've put together a PC Gamer Dream Team of the best young players in the game. We reckon they could take on any team in the Premiership, and they only cost us just over £15 million, half a Drogba. Bargain.

All player pictures are from the excellent FM Mega Facepack mod that we featured in our Football Manager 2012 mods post.

FM Team Yann Sommer

Goalkeeper: Yann Sommer

Age: 22

Nationality: Swiss

Club: Basel

Estimated Price: £1.5 million

Reflexes and handling are two of the most important stats for keepers, and Yann Sommer has the reflexes of a greased cat and hands covered in glue. He's is a get out of jail free card for leaky defences, and a quality addition to strong ones.

FM Team Sime Vrsaljko

Right Back: Sime Vrsaljko

Age: 19

Nationality: Croatian

Club: Dinamo

Estimated Price: £1.5 million

If Sime Vrsaljko hadn't realised how good he was at football, he could have been a marathon runner instead. His speed and stamina are perfectly suited to fullback, ensuring he'll still be bombing up and down the pitch long after his opponents have collapsed from exhaustion.

FM Team Fabian Monzon

Left Back: Fabian Monzon

Age: 24

Nationality: Argentinian

Club: Nice

Estimated Price: £2.5 million

Imagine if Gordon Freeman decided to employ his gravity gun to take set pieces. That's what it's like having Fabian Monzon on your team. He has a hammer of a left foot and his long throw ability would make even Rory Delap jealous.

FM Team Leandro Gioda

Centre Back: Leandro Gioda

Age: 26

Nationality: Argentinian

Club: Independiente

Estimated Price: £130,000

At 26, Gioda is the old man of the team (football years are like dog years), but he's still a rock capable of slotting into any defence in the world. Even better, his club inexplicably don't value him and have transfer listed him for a mere £130,000.

FM Team Siyanda Xulu

Centre Back: Siyanda Xulu

Age: 19

Nationality: South African

Club: Sundowns

Estimated Price: £250,000

Xulu is a giant of a defender, capable of winning nearly anything in the air. His positional skills are still raw, but give him a year working with more experienced players and he'll blossom into one of the best defenders in the world.

FM Team Cidinho

Right Winger: Cidinho

Age: 18

Nationality: Brazilian

Club: Botfago

Estimated Price: £2.5 million

Ever wondered why Brazilian footballers have nicknames? It's because their real ones are so complicated. Thankfully Alcides de Souza Faria Junior goes by 'Cidinho' instead. He'll bring some South American flair to the right flank.

FM Team Hobbit Bermudez

Left Winger: Hobbit Bermudez

Age: 24

Nationality: Mexican

Club: Atlante

Estimated Price: £1.5 million

Bermudez's diminutive size may have earned him the nickname 'Hobbit', but it doesn't make him any less intimidating on the pitch. Play him on the left wing and he'll not only walk into Mordor, but round their keeper for an easy tap in.

FM Team Kara

Defensive Midfielder: Kara

Age: 21

Nationality: Senegalese

Club: Tromsø

Estimated Price: £1.2 million

Sometimes you just need someone who is capable of kicking the other team's heads in, and that's why we've bought Kara. A hulking brute, he's here to stop the opposition playing and give our more skillful players the back-up they need.

FM Team Marco Verratti

Attacking Midfielder: Marco Verratti

Age: 18

Nationality: Italian

Club: Pescara

Estimated Price: £1 million

Most 18-year-olds can't run a washing machine, never mind a premiership midfield, but Marco Verratti has the technique to take on men years his senior. Grab him now and he'll be the heart of your team for years to come.

FM Team Federico Santander

Target Man: Federico Santander

Nationality: Paraguayan

Club: Guarani

Estimated Price: £1.5 million

Sometimes football games get ugly, dirty and brutal, and for times like that you need someone who can use his head, and not in the smart way. Towering Paraguay youngster Federico Santander is here for just that reason.

FM Team Alberto Paloschi

Striker: Alberto Paloschi

Age: 21

Nationality: Italian

Club: Chievo

Estimated Price: £3 million

Paloschi is a pure predator. He exists for only one reason: to score goals. We're not even sure if he eats or sleeps any more. Regardless his clinical finishing make this former Milan youngster one of the deadliest strikers in the game.

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