First look at the brand new armor sets for every class in Rift's Hammerknell raid

Jonathan H. Cooper


Hammerknell Event - Armor_Group_wBackground

Later this week, Rift's Hammerknell raid will open, letting Telarians enter the game's hardest instance yet. But what awaits adventurers willing to risk their lives for the good of their people? Shiny new epic armor sets, of course! We have exclusive glamour shots of all of the class sets, to help encourage you to plan your weekend of raiding accordingly. If you haven't heard how armor sets will work in Rift, check out our full run-down and get excited.

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Me Warrior. Me like shiny metal that protect from rocks and hammers.

Check out the stats here


All the Rogues got together for a fashion show after receiving their new duds. There were no survivors.

Check out the stats here


No word from Trion on whether equipping this helmet does in fact render the wearer completely blind.

Check out the stats here


The male version of this armor also has large holes to show off cleavage and smooth legs.

Check out the stats here

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