Dungeon Defenders 2 hits Steam early access next month

When Wes Fenlon got his hands on Dungeon Defenders 2 last year he mentioned that it had the potential to be a "200 hour addiction". The sequel promises to introduce a bunch of new features to the cooperative tower defence game, most of which Wes detailed with much aplomb in his preview. Today Trendy Entertainment announced the game will release December 5 on Steam Early Access, so start stockpiling tinned food, I guess.

The catch is that, while the game is planned to eventually go free-to-play, the Early Access version will set you back at least $30 (there's a $70 option with a host of other bonuses as well). Trendy describes this early content as "premium" in its press release. The pre-alpha build will open up the game's first region, with four playable characters.

Check out the celebratory trailer below:


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