Dota 2 had more than 1 million concurrent players at the weekend

Dota 2 still plays second fiddle to League of Legends, but its star continues to ascend: at the weekend, 1,075,464 Steam users were logged into the game at the same time, easily doubling the next most popular Steam game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. That's the highest concurrent figure in Steam history, but it's still no serious challenger to League of Legends, which has attracted well over 5 million.

The spike in players was no doubt prompted by the New Bloom update, which introduced a new game mode in the form of the Year Beast Brawl, as well as a new hero and community-made gear, among other things. Oh, and if you noticed Dota 2 update frequently yesterday, it's because of a few hotfixes made during the Bloom.

There have also been some price adjustments to Ability Point packs, with previous purchasers compensated. Check out the full details here.


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