Blizzard unveils new Webspinner card for Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas

Andy Chalk

Spiders are our friends. They mind their own business. They trap and eat mosquitoes and various other bugs that can be such annoyances on hot summer days. And while they're not the toughest creatures on the Earth, their Deathrattle draws a random beast card that can really come in handy when the cards aren't going your way—in Hearthstone , anyway.

At first glance, the Webspinner, a 1/1 beast card that costs one mana to play, doesn't look like much. But the "Draw a random Beast card" gives it a little extra punch since, as Hearthstone Senior Designer Ben Brode noted on Twitter , it can put just about any new Beast card from your deck into your hand.

"Webspinner can get any collectible Beast. Everything from King Krush to Captain's Parrot," he tweeted. "It doesn't pull cards from your deck, just puts a new card into your hand."

And as IGN explains, it becomes even more powerful in the way it works with the Hunter deck as a whole, as it's a "cheap card draw option when paired with Starving Buzzard" and also helps boost Kill Command.

Announced in April, Curse of Naxxramas is a single-player "adventure mode" for Blizzard's hit collectible card game. No launch date has been announced, but it's expected to go live this summer.

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