crashes onto Steam Greenlight

Phil Savage


Real-time soft-body physics might sound like the technology powering an erotic Oculus Rift game, but in reality it's the magic maths that helps make BeamNG's crashes look as crunchy as they do. What started as a physics tech demo has slowly been transforming into an open-world driving game, named That game has now taken a turn onto the Greenlight highway , and is hoping to gain enough momentum to pass through the Steam barrier.

The developers are planning to create an open world vehicle simulator, in which you can buy and fix up old bangers, take them out to the open road, crash them, fix them up, take them out to the open road and get trapped in a vicious and never ending cycle of death and rebirth. Plenty of other features are planned too, with the Greenlight page mentioning "police chases, stunt challenges, and other specialized minigames."

Mostly, though, there's plenty of spectacularly detailed vehicle destruction. As Next Car Game continues to prove , sometimes that's more than enough.

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