Next Car Game's vehicular destruction in 11 GIFs

Things we're bad at: driving cars in Next Car Game , staying on the track for more than five seconds. Things we're great at: Flipping, barrel rolling, and straight-up wrecking cars in Next Car Game. Is it a skill, or an astonishing lack of skill? Either way, it turns out annihilating automobiles in Next Car Game, which is currently on Steam Early Access, is more fun than racing them. The cars crunch and shred and break into so many wonderful pieces, we had to record their destruction in animated GIF form.

Thanks to the physics processing prowess of the Large Pixel Collider , we could record at 1080p and 60fps while barrels and tires and bumpers bounced across the screen. We've compiled our 11 favorite crashes below, but don't worry about them taking forever to load. They're embedded in HTML5 video form, which can compress a chunky 14MB GIF into a digestible two megs. Give 'em a click for a larger version and a link to the original GIF.

The version of Next Car Game currently available on Early Access includes a few trial modes--dirt and tarmac race courses and a free-for-all destruction derby--along with two cars to drive and crash. We tried those out in the Early Access Report last week .

The real treasure, though, is the bonus Bugbear Entertainment tosses in with a purchase: the Sneak Peek 2.0 tech demo. The tech demo sets you loose in a vast, austere playing field filled with car mashers, huge jumps, springs, car cannons, loops, carsketball goals, and a carpachinko course.

And there are about a million barrels, columns, and other physics objects to drive into. We did our best to drive into them all.

Warming up with some simple collisions

I believe I can fly

Why doesn't every car game have a car cannon?

Totally stuck the landing

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