Battlefield 3 will need monster rig to run on ultra settings

Tom Senior

DICE promise "all out vehicle warfare" in Conquest mode.

DICE community manager Daniel Matros has been answering questions about Battlefield 3 on Twitter. Battlefield fan @bkohn1 asked him whether a rig matching the Battlefield 3 recommended system requirements would run the game on ultra settings. Matros replied to say that "recommended is usually medium."

So will a top of the range Nvidia GTX580 do the trick? Apparently not. Matros revealed that we'll need two 580s in SLI to make the most of the Frostbite 2 engine. The minimum system specifications may not be too punishing, but for those who want to see Battlefield 3 at its very best, a hefty upgrade may needed. Battlefield 3 may well be worth the expense. Would you be tempted to upgrade?

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