Battlefield 3 will have 24 player team deathmatch

battlefield 3 urban camo

Battlefield 3's team deathmatch mode will be a smaller, vehicle-less affair than the sprawling 64 player Conquest mode that we saw demoed spectacularly at Gamescom last week. DICE confirmed to the BF3 blog that team deathmatch mode will support 24 player, infantry only scraps. It may be less than Conquest mode, but it's a step above Battlefield: Bad Company 2's 16 player contests.

Tank fans, fear not. There will be plenty of opportunity to run over cars, enemy soldiers and small animals in single player , and more exciting opportunities to shoot down jets in tanks, divebomb tanks in jets and fly jets into other jets in Battlefield 3's biggest multiplayer maps. We recently learned that we'll have to use the Battlelog website to access multiplayer. Battlefield 3 is out on October 25in the US, October 27 in Australia and October 28 in Europe.


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