Batman: Arkham Knight trailer ends the Ace Chemicals infiltration

Here's the concluding part of Batman: Arkham Knight's Ace Chemicals Infiltration series of trailers. You should know what to expect by now: stylish Batmobile exits, brutal head pounding and a goddamn attack chopper. Okay, so maybe the attack chopper is new.

I wasn't kidding when I said brutal head pounding either. Look, Batman, I know you don't "kill" people, but what the hell you maniac?

I mean, sure, he attacks you with a sword. Fair enough, that's rude. But don't tell me he's getting back up all fine and dandy twenty minutes after you've left.

If you've missed the previous trailers in this series, you can find 'em below.

There's still a while to wait before you can hospitalise a new set of faceless thugs. Batman: Arkham Knight is out June 2nd, 2015.


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