Arma 3 sure is pretty. You should enter our screenshot competition!

Arma 3 is a hardcore military simulator, sure, but there's more fun to be had in the alpha than just flying helicopters and firing high-tech weapons. Using the built-in editor you can enable a debug free camera (see our guide here ) to take beautiful screenshots. You can place units and vehicles, change the weather and time of day, and even apply Instagram-style colour filters. The screenshots in this gallery were all taken at ultra settings using the debug camera/editor.

But I'm sure you can do better.

In fact, we're running a competition to prove as much: you have until Monday to post your own gorgeous snaps of Arma 3 in our forum's screenshots thread . We'll put up a gallery of the prettiest pics next week and select three winners, each of whom will get a key to the full Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition.

Above: the Greek island of Stratis in all its sun-baked, war-torn glory. View distance set to maximum.


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