Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots show huggy aliens, big guns and abandoned ships

Aliens Colonial Marines

Aliens' Xenomorphs are perhaps the least huggable creatures in the galaxy, which is sad, because they're desperate to hug you TO DEATH. James Cameron's Aliens teaches us that the it's possible to dissuade unwanted alien hugs using bullets and, occasionally, big yellow bipedal loaders. You can expect to be doing lots of vigorous dissuading in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox' upcoming co-op shooter, due out later this year.

These latest screenshots show a few close and personal faceoffs with some of Giger's ugliest creations, a giant cannon turret with which you'll be able to destroy Giger's ugliest creations, and a gloomy spaceship interior full of cracks and dark corners, perfect for hiding dozens of hungry aliens.


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