Skyrim: A tourist's guide

Tom Francis

Skyrim is vast, and while there's interesting stuff everywhere, there are some sights you can't miss. When you're done with the next leg of your current quest, or fancy a break from the frantic bandit murder, look up one or two of these and sigh in happy appreciation.

No plot spoilers here, but there are shots of the lovely scenes.



Skyrim's Northern shore is the coldest bit, and in places looks like the arctic. Horkers - Tamriel's version of the walrus - flop around on them. Kill them and turn them into delicious stew.


The bit that isn't snowy

The area around Whiterun is one of the few places that doesn't look uttery freezing. In fact, it looks sort of like Wales.


The coolest bit of rock

One of the most remarkable landmarks in the country happens to have a city on it. Solitude is awesome. Unless there's ever an earthquake.


The coolest city

Every major city is unique and interesting in some way, but it's hard to top Markarth. It feels like a place from another time, unchanged for thousands of years but still lived in.


The prettiest forest

Snow is nice, but trees are better. This stretch of brisk woodland feels like the great outdoors we've heard about from people who leave the house.


The highest point

OK, you probably could have found this on your own: it's hard to miss. High Hrothgar, the place you can walk to, is not the summit though. Get a bit further in the main quest and you'll be looking down on that place.


The best dungeon

Alftand, an unassuming Dwemer ruin. There's a bit more to it. Not going to spoil what's down there, but I can tell you it goes deep . The main quest will take you here eventually, but feel free to explore on your own.


The best cave

Do you like the Goonies? So do Bethesda. There's a gorgeous, dripping, smugglers cave near Solitude, and a great quest relating to it in the city itself.


The best view of the aurora

You can catch the Northern lights on a clear night from almost anywhere in Skyrim, but for some reason I've always found the most stunning views around here. It might just be clearer weather, since it's a warmer region. You can also get a Dragon Shout that makes the weather slowly clear up - doing that on a cloudy night will be the most magical 60 seconds of your Dragonborn life.


How to find them

We've marked all these places on a map for so you can visit them yourself. Feel free to share more awesome Skyrim locations in the comments!

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