Transformers Universe trailers show off two new characters

Emanuel Maiberg at

By now you might be a little confused about what Transformers Universe is. The game was first announced in 2011 as an MMO. Then, just last month, developer Jagex announced that Transformers Universe is in fact a massively online tactical action game, or MOTA, which clearly evokes MOBAs. If you look at the two recently released trailers, however, Transformers Universe looks most like a class-based multiplayer action game (maybe a little bit like Smite) with a few Transformers-specific twists.

The trailers introduce two new playable characters. Meltdown, an Autobot, is a combat medic, just as good at healing allies as he is at inflicting damage. You can read more about him and his special abilities on the game’s official site, and watch him doing a bunch of familiar healer class-type things in this video:

Duststorm, a Decepticon, looks a little cooler, as bad guys usually do. You can find more info about her on the game’s website as well, but basically she’s a sniper. Her video also makes the game look more interesting than Meltdown’s because it shows the difference the Transformers license makes. In other shooters, it helps to be faster if you’re a sniper because it allows you to take a few shots, then re-position quickly before the enemy can come close and flush you out. As you can see in the video, Duststorm can simply transform into a speedy dune buggy for this purpose:

For more on Transformers Universe, our visit to Jagex’s Cambridge HQ in 2012 is a great breakdown of how it feels to play the game.