The Free Webgame Round-Up

Tom Sykes at

Continuing last week's theme of games either disappearing or not working by the time I come to try them, I wasn't able to play Cookie Clicker in time for this week's roundup, but I've just had a quick go and it's bloody wonderful in a Candy Box/A Dark Room sorta of way. So play that! But also stick around for another collection of cracking confectionary, which this week is brought to you by the letter, I dunno, Q. Enjoy!

BNKR by Piter Games

Play it online here.

A Machinarium-esque adventure game set in a world populated by robots – a world that used to be ours, by the way. BNKR is rather beautifully drawn, a little scrappy in all the right places, and rich in world-building and atmosphere.

Time Flies Straight by mrspeaker

Play it online here.

Remember the recent Ludum Dare and its '10 seconds' theme? mrspeaker takes it in a more scientific direction, using a floating Carl Sagan – is there any other kind? - to explore “mushy” fractal time, on your quest to claim a couple of extra seconds and grab a mystical orby thing before you die. (Via Indie Statik)

The Silver Gymnasium by Will Sheff and Benjamin Miles

Play it online here.

Created as a tie-in, or a companion piece, to Okkervil River's upcoming album The Silver Gymnasium (they're a bit like The Arcade Fire), this identically titled game is an episodic 8 bit-style adventure game set in frontman Will Sheff's New Hampshire hometown. He teamed up with Eyes and Ears' Benjamin Miles to make it, and the result is a neat, nostalgic little adventure with an Earthbound vibe. (Via Stereogum)

Discoverie by Ben Weatherall and Matthew Hall

Play it online here.

An oddly serene first-person crossbow-'em-up featuring procedural generation (check), an exceptional lighting engine (check check) and even Oculus Rift compatibility (check check check). Discoverie was also made in just seven days, which is bloody amazing considering the above. There are several wonderfully weird enemies to discover in the game's sizeable dungeon, your journey accompanied by an extremely peaceful, perfect-for-Sunday soundtrack. Lovely stuff. (Via IndieGames)

The Juno Incident by Steve Salmond

Play it online here.

Another excellent, technically impressive 7DFPS entry, this time set on the moon. It's a survival shoot-'em-up on a Super Mario Galaxy-style spherical environment – only instead of fighting goombas you're gibbing zombified astronauts, who explode in a satisfying shower o' chunks. (Via IndieGames)