Procedural sandbox RPG Cube World releases alpha, yours to (sorta) buy now

Tom Sykes at

I'm not sure I'd be entirely at home in a cube world, seeing as I'm completely spherical, but you may fare better in Picroma's long-awaited procedurally generated sandbox RPG Cube World, which is essentially what happens when you put Minecraft, Zelda and World of Warcraft into a blender - before putting it to one aside and getting a talented developer to make a similar game instead. Well, Cube World now has an alpha version that you can pay money to play - if you're lucky enough to be able to access the shop. Picroma are currently having a bit of intermittent trouble thanks to a) the game's immense popularity, and b) regular denial-of-service attacks.

If you manage to get in - Picroma are having to "disable user registrations and the shop from time to time" - you'll be greeted by a game that seems to include every modern gaming trend: a sandbox, crafting, voxels, procedural generation, pets and probably zombies too (feel free to correct me on that). There are many, many more details in this informative blog post.

If you're wondering whether Cube World will run on your Amiga (it won't), your sorta good PC or your much less good laptop, try this mini demo. The following video offers a good look at the game as it stood a couple of months ago.