State of Play show off Lumino City, the handcrafted sequel to their gorgeous Lume

Tom Sykes at

I haven't played Lume - the charming paper-and-cardboard-crafted adventure game - but the following video of its sequel, Lumino City, had me regretting that decision immediately. As with its predecessor, the game is being created with handmade characters and sets, giving it a beautiful, striking, diorama-esque visual style that's far more effective at suggesting a 3D space than a pair of dark glasses and an overpriced cinema ticket. Speaking to IndieGames, State of Play Games revealed that Lumino City will be several times larger than Lume, with the promise of better puzzles, and a "massive leap" in the fidelity of the handcrafted scenes, thanks to a number of technological advancements (including motors and laser-cutting).

Lumino City should release in "late Spring" this year, on PC, Mac and Linux (with iOS versions coming later, presumably once they've squished the sets with a hammer so they can fit on the smaller screens). Head over to IndieGames to learn more about the creation process, but not before gawping at this stunning teaser trailer:

[Edit: Updated with the correct spelling of Lumino City, thanks to Zimbocow. It's totally a pun! D'oh!]