Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 6: 1128-1160

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December, 1135: As King Gilla-Íosa's first act on the throne, he puts down a massive peasant revolt in under a month.


October 29, 1136: King Gilla-Íosa becomes honest.

This is the first time in this chronicle that I've played as a child ruler. As I grow up, I'll get to make some key decisions that influence my virtues and vices in adulthood.

April 23, 1139: Though the last one didn't go so well, the Pope calls a second crusade on Jerusalem. Though King Gilla-Íosa is too young to go to war himself, he and his similarly-aged cousin, Duke Murchad II of Munster, elect to send over 1400 Irishmen to reclaim the holy land.

October 8, 1139: The king comes of age, ending his chaplain's regency.

May 12, 1140: Word returns to Ireland that the crusade is going well. The Christian forces vastly outnumber the Muslims, and they have claimed most of the outlying provinces around Jerusalem. The same messenger brings to the attention of the king that his aunt, Dubchoclaigh nicÉnna of Tyrconnel, seeks to kill him...

A plot to kill the king. Hmm. This is actually a great time to try to put the Munsterian branch back on the throne. I won't play dirty and sabotage Gilla-Íosa's credibility before I leave. Simply saving, quitting, and reloading back into the line I originally played as...

I am now Prince Murchad of Ireland, Duke of Munster and Meath. I am the only son of the deposed King Máel-Sechlainn I, and was briefly crowned king in my infancy before the Breifnean branch of House ua Brian won the succession war and usurped my title. I think it is high time to bring the crown back to Munster, where my great-grandfather Brian I united Ireland.

I am an ugly, short-tempered coward, but also just, charitable, and kind. In two years, I will turn 16 and my regency under Bishop Flaithbertach of Christ Church will end.

November 14, 1140: The crusade is successful, and Kaiser Siegmund of the Holy Roman Empire is declared King of Jerusalem. Only 81 of the 1400 Irishmen who set sail have survived.

January 4, 1141: Duke Murchad II becomes diligent.

October 18, 1141: Duke Murchad II comes of age.

Holy Blarney stones, I'm awesome! I've grown into a Brilliant Tactician, with the highest military score I've ever seen in this game. And I'm going to need every bit of it...