Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 1 (4000 B.C. to 430 A.D.)

T.J. Hafer at

Rise of the Westlings

1975 B.C.: Greece offers a sum of gold to the Swedes to build an embassy in Stockholm, the first of its kind. The Althing approves.

Normally the AI will trade an embassy for an embassy, but as I haven't researched writing yet, I can't build one. In this early game case, they'll offer you some gold instead. It allows them to see where my capital is, but also improves my diplomatic relations with them and allows us to make other formal agreements.

1925 B.C.: In the Westerlands, just to the West of Stockholm, the Westling barbarian tribes rise and begin attacking small settlements along the frontier. A group of Swedish scouts manages to hold off a large force of them along the coast, but it's clear that the threat won't be halted without more significant action.

The same year, a road connecting Stockholm and Sigtuna begins.

1875 B.C.: The Swedish language gets a formalized writing system. The Swedes and the Austrians exchange embassies.

Now I'm going for Construction. One of my biggest mistakes in the Celtic Chronicle was not developing the tiles around my cities fast enough. This time, I plan to micromanage every worker and every available space to saturate my entire empire with useful improvements.

Later that year, a Swedish Great General arrives in the Westerlands to deal with the barbarian threat.

1800 B.C.: The Swedes and the Danes exchange embassies and make a declaration of friendship.

Excellent, now I'm friends with both of the civs that border me, and am gaining all those great person points on top of it all.