Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 1 (4000 B.C. to 430 A.D.)

Movin' on up

As a new era dawns for Sweden, both opportunity and challenge abound. It has fostered friendly relations with the Austrians to the southwest and the Danes to the southeast, though much of the continent remains unexplored. Tales of a foreign religion gaining power threaten to disrupt the indigenous beliefs of the Swedish people. In the Westerlands, the war with the fierce Westling barbarians continues, as Swedish warriors hunt for their camps over the hills and through the forests.

My first order of business is to start getting lots of workers building away on projects like plantations that will boost my economy, happiness, and trading potential.

1375 B.C.: Danish warriors arrive in the Westerlands to aid their Swedish allies. By the turn of the next century, the main Westling settlements are destroyed and most of their warchiefs are killed or captured. They will never rise as a major power again, leaving the Western frontier safe for Swedish settlement.

1325 B.C.: The Swedish calendar is formalized, with the Common Year beginning on the solstice after the Westling horde is put down.

Next, I'm looking at grabbing fishing. Because what is Sweden without fish?

During their first calendar year, the Swedes make contact with the Celtic tribes, located across a small land bridge to their northeast. They are a very devout and mysterious people who make no proclamation of either friendship or hostility.

I was right about them being the ones that founded Christianity. This is especially tricky now, since it was founded on my continent and with nothing but open space between my borders and theirs. I'll have to keep an eye out for missionaries coming to convert my cities.

1300 B.C.: The Swedes and Celts make an exchange of embassies.