Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 1 (4000 B.C. to 430 A.D.)

T.J. Hafer at

Scientific paragons and the German resurgence

130 A.D.: The Westerland Road reaches Birka, bringing economic and scientific growth to a region once known for inhospitable terrain and bloodthirsty raiders.

160 A.D.: The Danes and the Germans make peace, after a brilliant German Great General pushes back the Danish army and captures one of their smaller cities. Reinvigorated from may years of decline, Germany immediately declares war on Austria and begins marching West.

A traveling chronicler reveals in his writings that Sweden is the most technologically advanced nation in the world.

Hell yes! Every once in a while you'll get a pop-up screen detailing which civs are doing the best in certain areas. This one confirmed that I've researched more technologies than anyone else. The number two position is a civ I haven't met yet, and Greece is third. Considering I never broke the top 5 in the Celtic Chronicle, this is excellent news.

235 A.D.: The Swedes master engineering, but the country's economy begins to falter under the upkeep costs of its new infrastructure.

I had this same problem as the Celts, but the current situation is much milder. I should be able to pull back out of the red in just a couple turns, when my markets in Stockholm and Sigtuna finish building.