Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 1 (4000 B.C. to 430 A.D.)

T.J. Hafer at

Cultural dominance and the Continental League

260 B.C.: A group of Swedish thinkers from across the land founds a school of philosophy.

That should be enough to help me found a religion before it's too late. I still haven't picked up Horseback Riding, but that's mainly because I still haven't found a convenient source of horses. I opt to research Drama and Poetry to enhance my culture.

230 B.C.: Birka, once a mere Westling village, has become a full city and the capital of the Westerland province. Standing beside the old cities of Stockholm and Sigtuna, and the mixed Helsinki, as one of Sweden's four Great Cities, it is the first of these to be a truly Westling city. Some among its increasingly busy streets begin to speak of Westerland's independence, but these movements will never gain much steam with the equitable treatment given to its people by the Swedish Althing.

155 B.C.: Austria founds the new religion of Confucianism.

Wow, we're up to three now, they're all on this continent, and none of them are mine. That's not a good thing. So far the Celts haven't made any efforts to convert me despite easy access to my borders, but the Austrians are even closer. I'll have to stay alert.

95 B.C.: Greece, Denmark, and Sweden are all united under mutual ties of friendship. Their alliance becomes known as the Continental League.

The arts flourish in Sweden, with their stage plays and epic poems spreading across the land and to their continental allies.

Culture: check. Now I'm going for Currency, to make sure I have a booming economy for the Middle Ages. Another of my principle undoings in the Celtic Chronicle was not having enough gold to upgrade my outdated military units into higher tech ones.