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Tribes Ascend - Damnit Zim!

Put your desk in our eyeballs! Win prizes! Your desk pictures have dented our productivity this afternoon. Gaming on a console is just a matter of slumping down on the couch and kicking back. PC gamers' desks are carefully constructed entertainment zones full of big speakers, multiple monitors, flight sticks, wheels, posters, mousemates, peripheral gadgets and old tea mugs. There's something strangely pleasing about looking at the spaces that other people have built. Send us more!

You can link us to your pictures on Facebook and Twitter of course, but we also have a Google+ page, which we are now updating regularly. Do pop by and say hello. Meanwhile, here's your daily list of PC gaming news

  • Eurogamer mention that many high profile politicians have withdrawn support from SOPA and PIPA after Wednesday's internet protests. This infographic shows political support for SOPA and PIPA before and after the blackout.
  • EA's share prices had a bit of a wobble after an analyst implied that TOR might not do as well as predicted.
  • VG247 on why the new Tomb Raider will be all about survival.
  • MCV report that PopCap have axed Facebook game Baking Life, even though it has close to three-quarters of a million players.
  • RPS have spotted a mod that recreates Minecraft in Crysis.
  • Edge have a chat with the creator of the original X-Com, Julian Gollop.
  • Massively mention that Eve Online's development team has grown, and split into three groups named Five 0, Team Super Friends and Game of Drones.
  • Space-born tower defence game, The Unstoppable Gorg, is out now on Steam.
  • Blues News say that Ubisoft have changed the DRM on Anno 2070 that limited players to three activations based on the graphics card they had installed.

It's Friday. WOoo! A frantic lunchtime in the Tribes Ascend beta (which is looking excellent) has put me in the mood for something fast and shooty. What do you recommend?