And in other PC gaming news...

Tom Hatfield at

4 Team Fortress 2

We're free, Lulsec are gone, and we can now hopefully play our games without fear of having to change our passwords again. What will we be playing? Probably Team Fortress 2, after all we need to educate all the new players with our snazzy guides (and also use them to score cheap kills).

Other news, which for once doesn't involve hacking, is below.

  • A group of Reddit users, inspired by this post, have banded together to create a zombie survival horror FPS.
  • CVG have a video on heading in FIFA 12, which we were recently told will have the same features on PC as on consoles.
  • More hidden game references in Alice: Madness Returns, this time a companion cube.
  • CVG report on plans for Dirt 3 Monte Carlo DLC.
  • Veteran WoW players are getting free copies to give friends, so if you know one, be nice to him.
  • The folks from Yogcast have combined some of the best Minecraft mods (including some of our picks) into one big package.
  • Ever wanted to play Uncharted on PC? Well you can't, but RockPaperShotgun have found a shameless knock off you can.

Did any of you guys get caught in the hacks? Lose any details? Do share below.