25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Christopher Livingston at

21. For the Enclave

The Enclave are among the worst of Fallout's bad guys, sure, but chances are you've exhibited a little questionable behavior yourself from time to time. Now you can join the Enclave and see what makes them tick. A series of quests will deposit you in the ranks of the Enclave, give you access to their massive underground base, and you'll even be able to enjoy the air support their vertibirds provide. You can read our more extensive write-up here.

22. Goodsprings Shack

When most of the population of the world has died, surely the one thing that won't be in short supply is real estate. So why is it so hard to find a vacant place to lay your head in New Vegas? This mod adds a small, humble Goodsprings Shack, perfect for when you're just starting out and need a quiet place to safely store your spare junk, get a refreshing drink of water, and catch a few winks without having to rent a room.

23. Food and Drink Health Bonus Remover

Remember in Die Hard when Bruce Willis got shot in the shoulder, so he ducked around the corner, stopped time, and scarfed down insect meat, coyote steaks, and a handful of apples, which completely healed his wounds? Me neither. This mod means food doesn't heal you, and it also raises the cost of stimpacks and bottled water. You'll die a little easier, but it feels a bit more fair.

24. Imps Timescale Adjuster

Time flies when you're having fun, but now you can determine just how quickly. The Timescale Adjuster lets you configure the passage of time while in the overworld, spending time indoors, or during combat. If the day-night cycle seems too fast, or not fast enough, just consult your Pipboy and change it to your liking.

25. Character Overhaul

FNV's character creation system is great provided you want to make an ugly, dull-looking, flat-faced character every time. Character Overhaul completely redesigns the character system with new meshes and textures, giving you loads more options during character creation and making the overall look of characters, NPCs included, much more detailed. Unlike many texture mods, this one comes with little in the way of performance hits.

Best of all, you can make your character truly ugly on purpose now, with craggy skin, horrifying scars, and diseased eyes, or you can just straight-up play as a ghoul.