25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Jaz McDougall at

21. Automatic skill perks

This mod changes 40 perks to be granted for free when you hit the skill requirements for them. So when you hit 30 Guns skill, you immediately get Rapid Reload. They’ve been taken out of the perk list too. Rather than making the game impossibly harder, this is a mod you can rely on to make things a little easier.

I did notice a bug, though. If you get your skill high enough while in Goodsprings to unlock one of these, and then re-tag your skills as you leave Goodsprings (you have a chance to rebuild your character before you go), you’ll keep the old perks. It’s avoidable if you know about it, but keep an eye on the mod page for a fix.


22. Sandstorms

This adds enormous, screen-filling sandstorms to the Mojave wasteland. Fear them, for they are mighty. Mighty hard to see through, I mean. It’s a nice cosmetic touch.

23. Play after the main quest ends

Didn’t Bethesda eventually put out an official patch for Fallout 3 to let you keep playing after the final cutscene ended? This mod does that too. Come on, developers! Pay attention to your modders!

24. Higher stakes gambling

This greatly increases the maximum bet in casinos, increases the amount of chips you can buy from the cashier, and optionally lets you get rid of the chance a casino will ban you for winning too much. Use this mod if you find yourself amassing great piles of bottle caps in real life, especially if you keep them in a huge room and swim through them regularly.

This one is actually just a baby.

25. Wasteland Unlocked

This is an esp file packaged with Black Company’s Harder Hardcore pack. It’s a giant set of modular esp files that tweak enormous amounts of entities, so I won’t recommend you just use them all if you’re using some of the mods I’ve recommended so far, for fear of conflicts.

Just use WastelandUnlocked.esp, and if you don’t mind a smarter AI, use SettingsTweaks.esp too. It’ll open up the wasteland like never before, adding monsters and wild animals that you’d normally only find at really high levels, spawning rare high level items (or just trash) in dumpsters, and lowering the level requirements for many recipes that’ll help you cope with the newfound threat. It also removes lots of stimpaks from the world and replaces them with the bits to make new ones.