25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Jaz McDougall at

16. Fellout: New Vegas

This gets rid of the orange jam on the lens, adds lovely skies, and injects lots of other pretty into the world. This is the successor to the awesome de-greenification mod for Fallout 3 - the name refers to the assumption that the Fallout from nuclear bombs would have already “fell out”.

It also makes nights a lot darker.

17. Food don’t heal yo’ no mo’

This is probably my favourite mod of the bunch. With this mod in hardcore mode, you can no longer freeze time, open sixteen cans of Pork n’ Beans, guzzle them down, and grow your leg back in half a second. Food doesn’t heal you at all. Not even a little! Now B.J. Blazkowicz is the only man who can wolf down a hot meal in the middle of a fight to close his wounds.

Conflicts: Unfortunately, this mod conflicts with the water bottling mod. So either water heals you and you'll be using it a lot, or water doesn't heal you and you've got some extra in your pack because you aren't chugging it to fight internal haemorrhaging.

18. Companion Sandbox Mode

This mod changes the behaviour of companions told to “wait here.” They chill on chairs, wander around looking at stuff, talk to eachother, fight wandering monsters, and in an early version they’d even raid your fridge for food. Leave tons of followers around your hideout and pretend you’re having an awesome party!

19. ED-E no longer has clumsy, invisible legs

ED-E is a floating robot. It shouldn’t set off mines and bear traps by floating over them. This mod gives your noisy robot chum a perk that prevents that. Hooray!

20a. Timescale adjuster

This does two wonderful things to Fallout: New Vegas. Firstly, it lets you alter the rate at which game time passes in relation to our own time. Currently, a half hour of in-game time passes in about 4 minutes. With this mod, you can change the rate so that it’s much closer to - or even the same as - the passage of time in the real world. You can even have different rates for combat or for interiors, so that time doesn’t march on during a prolonged fight, stays relatively close to real time when you’re indoors, but picks up the pace during long overworld treks.

It also lets you alter the rate at which you get hungry, thirsty, and sleepy, and prevents timing conflicts between these two functions that’d otherwise have your character starving to death in his sleep. The only downside is that it controls this via an item that magically appears in your inventory, and you have to go through some fiddly menus to set it all. I have my interior and combat rates set to 1 and my overworld set to 3.

Come on wasteland. Just one toilet, gimme a break here.

20b. Harder hardcore rates

If you like the timing just fine and just want more brutal hardcore rates, you don’t need to bother downloading the above mod - just download this easy esp file that doubles your dehydration rates and almost quintuplifies your hunger and tiredness rates. No fiddly menus, just a harder hardcore mode that’ll have you regularly reaching into your pack for a drink in the scorching heat.