25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Jaz McDougall at

Inside is a magical kingdom full of satyr and mermaids. Not really.

11. Goodsprings Shack

This mod adds a shack in Goodsprings that you can call your own. It’s just a fridge, a bed, and some junk, but if you rescue the key from the owner's maggot-ridden corpse, it can be your home for life. Or you could just pile it full of the hi-tech shit you find.

12. Bottle water

No, not bottled water. This lets you bottle the water. You know, at all those handy water sources scattered around the desert. Drinking water will return an empty bottle, and you can fill those at any source you find. If the water is dirty, it’ll replace irradiated water you have on you as well as filling up empty bottles. Find a pure source, and it’ll replace all your dirty water too. The implementation is slick - just sneak up to a water source and activate it.

13. Caps have weight

If you put 17,000 bottle caps in your pocket right now, they’d be heavy. That’s what this does - simply adds a small weight to every bottlecap. When you start getting rich, you should leave some at home, or give a bunch to your pals. NOT FOR KEEPS ED-E.

Being shot in the head is very bad for your health.

14. Lethal headshots

Another fantastic mod, this makes headshots deadly. “Headshot” is the medical term for the condition where a bullet breaks open your skull and rattles through your brains, scrambling your grey matter and rocketing out of the other side. So yeah, that should really kill you.

That’s what this mod does, while preserving the shakey-aim of lower Guns skill and thus maintaining game balance. Wear a helmet, people! It also decreases your chance of scoring a headshot in VATS, which is a welcome balance tweak, and the damage buff doesn’t apply to all creatures - Deathclaws are made of sterner stuff, and robots don’t always have brains where you’d expect them to.

I’d also like to give a special mention to the commenter on the Fallout: New Vegas Nexus who suggested that this mod should cause the game to end after the first cinematic (where you get shot in the face).

15. No RPG bullet bending

This has the same goals as the above mod - make the guns work more realistically - but it goes about it in a totally different way. Rather than touch the damage that guns do, this mod makes them super accurate. It’s not for me, personally - I found that with a Guns skill of 20 I could kill anyone from an enormous distance just by waiting for my shot and killing them with a sneak bonus. If you’re not a fan of RPG elements, though, this can help turn Fallout: New Vegas into a pure FPS.