ZOMG: Secret Call of Duty: Black Ops mode has rocket firing bats

Call of Duty Black Ops dead ops arcade

Call of Duty: Black Ops already has its fair share of bonus modes and extras, but the latest one to come to light is crazier than all of the others put together. It's crazier than the co-op zombie mode that unlocks when you complete the game. It's even crazier even than the other zombie mode where you can control President Nixon and defend the Pentagon from Zombies with a shotgun. To reach this one, you have to actually break out of the menu screen and hack into an abandoned terminal. There you'll find the cute 8 bit intro to a game called Dead Ops Arcade, an old school, top down zombie blaster with rapid fire shotguns, helicopters, and rocket firing bats. What the hell did I just type? Can it even be real? It must be, there's a video of the whole crazy thing embedded below.

First there's the matter of breaking out of the menu. To do this you have to look down at your hands and wriggle them. The instructions suggest left trigger and right trigger, which should translate to left mouse button and right mouse button on a mouse and keyboard setup. Then, there's the terminal. Enter CD, then DOA and you're in.

The whole process is detailed in the video below. At 2 minutes 30 seconds in, the bats appear. They fire rockets. Whose side are they on? I don't know. After that the screen fills with green lasers. What are they doing there? Where are they coming from? These things you will have to discern for yourself when you watch the video embedded below. Have your best ZOMG face at the ready.

Tom Senior

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