You’re likely to fall asleep before Razer’s upgraded Lancehead runs out of battery life

Razer today announced that it has upgraded the wireless version of its Lancehead mouse with a new sensor and much improved battery life. The result is a more sensitive rodent that can stay awake longer than me.

Whereas the original version was rated for up to 24 hours of gameplay, Razer says the new model can stay attentive for up to 50 hours. Maybe in my younger days I could have kept up, but as I've learned from binge watching shows on Netflix, my stamina to stay awake isn't what it used to be.

Oh well, age happens. While the human body may degrade over time, peripherals just keep getting better. In the case, Razer also upgraded its Lancehead Wireless with the same 5G optical sensor that is found in the Deathadder Elite, the best gaming mouse for shooters, and some of its other flagship rodents.

This also paves the way for some confusion. The 5G optical laser offers a 16,000 dpi, but so does the previous version of the Lancehead Wireless. What's different, however, is the tracking speed—whereas the previous version was rated at 210 inches per second (ips), this upgraded model bumps that up to 450 ips.

It's essentially now exactly the same as the wired Lancehead Tournament Edition, only in wireless form. The mouse also retains its mechanical switches, nine programmable buttons, and ambidextrous design.

The Lancehead Wireless connects to PCs via a 2.4GHz wireless dongle. According to Razer, its Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) ensures 100 percent transmission stability.

"The advanced wireless technology constantly scans frequency channels in millisecond intervals for any form of interference, and seamlessly switches frequency to allow for a perfectly lag-free data transmission between the mouse and PC," Razer says.

It's not a cheap mouse—the revised Lancehead Wireless is available now for $139.99. If you venture outside of Razer's own webstore to make a purchase, make sure the version you're buying is the newer model.

Paul Lilly

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