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You're a cunning grim reaper in comedy puzzler Death Coming

Death Coming, a new "non-linear puzzle game" according to developer Next Studio, begins with your death. From there, the story escalates to you assuming the role of death himself and using your environment to kill as many humans as you can. 

"While you can't personally interfere with humans, your powers extend into the environment," Next Studio said in a press release. "With a touch of ghostly power, you can open manholes, drop air conditioners, and mess with beehives to bring souls to the Afterlife."

The variety of Final Destination-esque deaths on display is perhaps Death Coming's strongest hook. You start by knocking plant pots off windowsills but eventually move onto collapsing scaffolding, toppling billboards, possessing statues, manipulating traffic lights, not to mention getting creative with hippos and furnaces. But there's a dark comedic tone to the wackiness of deaths and the art is firmly cartoony, so it's easy to laugh it all off. 

Aside from that pesky "free will clause" that prevents you from possessing people outright, there are limitations to what you can do. In addition to squishy, unsuspecting victims, levels are filled with patrolling "Angels" eager to put a stop to your scheming. If you're caught interfering with mortals, it's game over. So, while puzzles are open-ended and have several possible solutions, you still have to work with what you're given—and do it away from the Angels' watchful eyes. 

After a stay in Early Access, Death Coming released on Steam on November 6. Through Monday, November 13, you can grab it for $4.54—35 percent off its normal $7 price tag.