Your new favourite indie in five words: Fully destructible sword-wielding robots

A voxel robot slicing another in half with a laser sword
(Image credit: Doborog Games)

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone—try saying that ten times fast—launches today for PC and consoles after four years in Steam Early Access. Clone Drone's (sorry, I can't say it ten times fast, I'll make a mistake eventually) hook is that it's a third-person robot sword fighter where any part of any body can be sliced off.

It's not the first time I've seen voxels used for 'fully destructible' gameplay like this, but it's probably the most intentionally playful: you can equip your robot with more mundane weapons like giant hammers, or go all the way up to flame-throwing dinosaurs. I do not know how you equip a dinosaur. I do want to find out.

Clone Drone has a single-player adventure mode, where the fifth and final story chapter will be releasing today for players who've already been along for the ride. For everyone else, there's also online co-op, online versus, and cross play for both those styles between all platforms.

A pretty passionate community has already grown in the time Clone Drone has been building in Early Access, with over 30,000 levels available in the Steam Workshop, so there probably won't be a shortage of other robots to dismember with flame swords?

You can check out Clone Drone in the Danger Zone on Steam.