You could grab a $1899 VR headset for $499 in Pimax's birthday sales

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Last week we got word that the Pimax online store was kicking off some sweet celebrations for its seventh anniversary. I've been hoping for some nice discounts, deals, and maybe some prizes, and Pimax is looking to deliver. This brand is responsible for some of the most intense and high definition VR headsets money can currently buy, offering much higher resolutions and wider fields of view which make all the difference

Due to the nature of these products, they're not exactly the cheapest, but not unreasonable for what you're getting, either. Pimax offers great trade in deals for those wanting to stay on the cutting edge of VR, and that combined with these seventh anniversary deals makes it a great time to invest in a very fancy new VR headset.

First up for grabs is the Mystery Box, and you'll want to get in quick because these are in limited supply. For $499 USD or $755 AUD you can grab this incredulous cube which is guaranteed to contain at least one Pimax headset that's valued between $699 - $1899 USD. There are only 70 of these on offer, and only one will get the coveted pricey brand new Crystal headset in the box. Still, that price for one of Pimax's 8K Plus, 5K Super, or 5K Plus units is still worthwhile. It's not often you see a luckydip worth diving headfirst into.

There are still some great sales going on if you just want to grab your headset, but they don't quite compare to that sweet mystery box. Still, the deals are up to 25% off which brings a Pimax 8KX DMAS headset down from $1,387 to $1,049 USD – That also happens to be the amount of trade in credit you might get back for one if you chose to upgrade, making it potentially free in the long run.

Pimax Vision 8K X

Pimax Mystery Box | At least 1 Pimax headset | Valued between $699-$1899| $499
Right now you can pay a fraction of the cost to get a nice shiny new Pimax headset. It might even be a brand new Pimax Crystal worth nearly 4x the price. Even if you end up with a cheaper offering, it's still a damned good deal if you're up for a little surprise.

That's a Ultra HD resolution headset with 200-degree field of view, if you're wondering why it costs more than others on the market. There are cheaper and more expensive offerings up for sale during the celebrations, so it's worth having a good look and many come with a free game at the moment too.

While things like the Oculus Quest are portable fun, this is high-end VR at home, and it's worth noting that this means you'll need a PC capable of running it. Pimax recommends at least an RTX 2080 for the 8KX, so make sure you've got the kit before you go adding to your collection. No matter the headset you choose, it's always a smart idea to take a second reading the required specs. Nothing worse than a shiny new piece of kit arriving in the mail only to become a paperweight thanks to incompatibility.

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For the real VR fans out there Pimax is also running a competition to win some technical art. You can go into the draw to win framed deconstructed 8K X headsets by completing some social media shares, surveys, and the likes. There's even a digital art gallery currently being curated and entering that may also win you one of these pieces of art.

Pimax headsets going on sale is always a great opportunity to take the dive into the deeper end of the VR pool. Even if you're holding out for the new Crystal or the upcoming 12k editions, Pimax's trade in deals make it well worth grabbing a lesser headset in the meantime. And it certainly doesn't hurt to keep an eye on the Pimax website for any more special deals or gifts during the celebration period.

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