You can turn off chromatic aberration in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt War ravaged these lands, nobody lives here anymore

One thing that seems to be unifying this generation of games is chromatic aberration, that strange visual filter that makes the edges of your screen all blurry and chromatically messed up, like you're viewing an early 3D movie without the special glasses. I think it looks quite nice in moderation, but it isn't often used in moderation, case in point with the CA-heavy Lords of the Fallen. A patch was since released for that game allowing people to disable the effect, but you won't need to start a e-petition or pray to your god of choice for the same option in The Witcher 3; in response to a thread demanding such a toggle, CD Projekt have confirmed that you can turn it off.

I've watched a fair bit of footage of The Witcher 3, and I wasn't even aware there was any chromatic aberration in effect, but it might be something you can only notice in game (or not—I'm sure a lot of people reading this won't even know what I'm going on about). Either way, options are always nice. (Ta, Reddit.)

Tom Sykes

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