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Yogscast give Yogventures backers free Landmark key

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Previously on the Adventures of Yogventures: game devs, Winterkewl, raise over half a million dollars in Kickstarter money (opens in new tab) to make a Yogscast-themed open world sandbox game. That game is eventually cancelled (opens in new tab) , backers are understandably not happy (opens in new tab) , and a game called TUG (opens in new tab) is offered as a replacement. Now: backers have received a game key for Sony Online Entertainment's Landmark as well. Yogscast have struck a deal with SOE to provide Yogventures backers with a key for Landmark's Settler Founder's Pack (opens in new tab) , which gives immediate, "unrestricted" access to the closed beta and a few small digital doodads as well.

It's worth pointing out that (EverQuest Next crafting-sandbox prologue thingy) Landmark will be a free-to-play game when it releases properly, so Yogventures backers aren't exactly being given another free game here, but rather advance access to Landmark's closed beta, at a tier that would have set them back $20/£15 otherwise. If you backed Yogventures, you should have received an email by now with details on how to claim your game key; SOE are also offering 7 days' free access to Landmark at this link (opens in new tab) , whether you were a Yogs backer or not.

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